Let's multiply your marketing results.

We help B2B companies create a marketing formula and team that scales.


We Focus on Strategy


Whether you’re pre-revenue or hitting a wall in revenue growth, we do the market, competitive and buyer research to build a go-to-market strategy that your target audience, your team and your stakeholders are excited about.

Marketing Audits

Sometimes you know what’s wrong but you’re not sure how to fix it. We evaluate the particular areas your team feels stuck (SEO, Google Ads, Social Content, etc.) and provide recommendations and an execution plan to get unstuck.

Product Marketing

Your small marketing team is likely focused on branding, lead generation, client retention or upselling - rarely with the time to do all four. We help build a scalable product marketing strategy that supports the full buyer journey and prioritizes revenue generation.

Services Marketing

The services marketing sales cycle is long and hard to predict, but the marketing funnel doesn’t have to be. We build a measurable strategy for ushering prospects into your pipeline, nurturing them throughout and creating high-touch experiences for retention.

Scaling a Team

We spent 10 years in-house building marketing and events teams and can confirm that people are the most critical variable of scaling a company. We help clients craft a marketing budget and determine a timeline and strategy for hiring, outsourcing and training internally. We help you grow healthy marketing teams.

Thought Leadership

For better or worse, company brands now include the personal brands of their employees. We help you make this a competitive advantage, guiding executives to become thought leaders, writers and speakers in their area of expertise while building a funnel of leads for the company in the process.


Strategies We've Built

Inbound Lead Generation
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Customer Journey Mapping
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Creating + Launching a Brand
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Event Production + Marketing
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Thought Leadership Content
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SaaS Product Marketing
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Remember algebra?

Neither do we, but we do feel strongly about the concept of multipliers.

We grew up in-house at tech companies, building, shaping and executing B2B marketing strategies from the ground up. We've crafted digital content and live experiences for companies of all sizes, from startups to SAP. As former in-house marketers, designers and data optimizers, we are intimately familiar with building processes that scale.

Every company has or can have the tools to run successful marketing internally, they often just need the strategy and guidance to get started. With decades of experience in digital and experiential marketing, we mentor and empower teams to identify the variables that multiply small team efforts for big team results. We like to think of ourselves as your marketing equation’s coefficient.

Liz Beechinor

Founder, Data + Design Nerd

We've Worked With

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What They'll Tell You

"We've had great success with outbound sales but wanted to build an inbound marketing engine. Liz knew exactly where to start and how to help us strategize and build a plan that can scale with our team."

Jim Campbell


"We've been building our nonprofit for 10 years and in the wake of COVID, Liz helped us look at our marketing with fresh eyes and push our team to think about things in a new way."

Rick Dunetz

Executive Director
Side-Out Foundation

"Starting from scratch, Coefficient has completely shaped how we talk about what we do. They've helped us establish a brand from our very first customer."

Matthew Welsh

Vosburg Welsh

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