Thought Leadership Content

As one of the world's oldest industries, construction is notoriously slow with technology adoption. JBKnowledge, an IT consulting and SaaS provider to the AEC industry, needed to help builders understand the investment, and not just the expense, of information technology.




Becoming thought leaders through industry research

JBKnowledge knew their target audience well, but wanted more statistics to confirm their suspicions and help their prospects understand why IT could be such a game changer for their construction company. We decided to conduct an industry survey, partnering with trusted trade organizations, to understand the usage and investment in technology. Participants could respond anonymously, and in return, they'd receive the full results of the survey, in a detailed and designed industry report, free of charge. By the 7th year of conducting the survey, we had nearly 3,000 annual participants completing 15 minutes worth of questions.

"How do we get people interested in the results enough to complete the survey?"

Through teaser campaigns, highlight videos, co-marketing with trusted industry organizers, and a detailed email marketing strategy, we grew survey participation year after year. They kept coming back after receiving their first report and seeing the results of the survey and how their firm stood amongst their peers. With no other report exclusively capturing IT usage and adoption data for the construction industry, the report became the go-to resource for industry publications and research. We even brought on the largest Construction Science Department in the country from Texas A&M University as a partner to showcase the credibility of the data we were gathering.

"How can thought leadership drive lead generation?"

While survey participants automatically received a copy of the final report each year (and their responses were anonymous), we also offered the report for download, free of charge, through targeted email, PPC, and partner marketing campaigns. This drove thousands of downloads per year, with at least 10% of the downloads being qualified JBKnowledge prospects. Those who downloaded the report were invited to explore JBKnowledge SaaS products, upcoming events and podcast for construction industry professionals.