Creating + Launching a Brand

Vosburg Welsh knew their business model was solid, but they needed a website and lead generation strategy to amplify their new brand. (Note: This new website goes live Summer 2021.)


Vosburg Welsh


A new brand in a very old industry

The average construction company is over 20 years old. It can be a tough market to break into, with established players and long-term relationships. Vosburg Welsh knew their website would be an important first impression for any new prospect and they wanted it to be a good one.

"We have a complex, somewhat unsexy service that nearly every construction company needs."

Understanding the location and type of utilities running underground is a critical first step to any construction project. Striking a utility line can mean millions of dollars lost in project delays and lawsuits. With several nationally established utility locating companies in the market, Vosburg Welsh needed a brand that set them apart as local, highly experienced technicians. Using a sketch from the owners, we built a logo and brand styles that nod to the underground, digging nature of their work (the armadillo) and the advanced technology they use to deliver results.

"We need to get our name out there and confirm which services people are looking for."

Because most construction companies don't plan ahead in finding a utility locator, and are often looking for same day and same week service, we found there is a ton of search volume for utility locators and were able to build targeted search ads to reach their target market. Since the second month of running ads, we've seen a steady flow of qualified leads that continue to drive business for Vosburg Welsh.