Event Production + Marketing

Every year, Austin Startup Week brings together thousands of startups, founders and investors from across Texas to explore the next generation of product and service businesses. The week culminates in Austin Startup Crawl - Texas' biggest startup party.


Capital Factory


Throw the startup community's biggest trade show, disguised as a party

Austin Startup Crawl involves 5-10 venues throughout downtown Austin, 4 hours of activations, and every startup within 300 miles. While the event has food, entertainment and drinks galore - the purpose is networking and showcasing booths manned by over 100 tech startups.

"We know people will register. How do we make sure they show up and learn a ton about these startups?"

Marketing public events is both easy and hard. Easy in that the target audience "feels" like everyone, and hard in that you really don't want "everyone" to show up. In collaboration with Austin Startup Week founders Jacqueline Huges and Joshua Baer, we produced 7 days of events across 15 venues in downtown Austin, with over 5,000 attendees. We promoted Austin Startup Week to Capital Factory's entire network of founders, investors and corporate innovators who want to stay in the know. Austin Startup Crawl was branded as the closing party you didn't want to miss. We built a simple registration system with early badge pickup, Crawl Map, and starting point recommendations. We made sure the 3,000+ attendees knew where to start the Crawl and what they'd find at each stop. We also gave them the messaging and ideas to share their experience on social media to amplify the event.

"How do we keep thousands of people moving through 3 floors and 5 venues?"

The logistics of Austin Startup Crawl were almost as crazy as the three dance floors. With VIP and Regular wristbands, food and beverage staging, Virtual Reality Theater, Speakeasy, Tarot Card Reading, Silent Disco, 5+ photo booths, live music, After Party and much more, it was a serious production. From budgeting, to vendor selection, to load in and load out, we lead over 50 staff to execute an incredibly valuable, and fun, event for attendees and for our title sponsors SAP, Amazon Web Services, Booz Allen Hamilton and others.