Inbound Lead Generation

Opkalla has a successful sales process for their IT services and products but needed a marketing strategy that could drive inbound leads.




Driving Leads for IT Services & Products

With strong sales numbers and a very savvy sales team, Opkalla knew they could be doing more online to build brand recognition and optimize the experience of prospects coming to their website.

"It's hard to summarize what we do. How do we clarify our messaging + drive inbound leads?"

To understand the buyer personas visiting their website, and the challenges they each experience, we dug into three data sources:

1) Opkalla's Salesforce CRM Data

2) Opkalla's Sales Team's Anecdotal Experience

3) Opkalla's Clients' Experience

Through data analysis, industry research and many client and staff interviews, we built a website overview and strategy to improve's SEO and optimize for conversations. We established the website flow and pages needed, rewrote all content, and worked with Opkalla's web designer and existing CMS (Squarespace) to launch a site that guides prospects and clients to take the next step. From setting up Google Tag Manager to installing Live Chat to building a Google Data Studio dashboard to monitor traffic - we also made sure new mechanisms were in place to track the success of the new site.

"We're willing to get more active on LinkedIn, we just need help getting started."

In client interviews, we learned that many of Opkalla's ideal customers spent time on LinkedIn. We also learned the challenges they face in their roles and specific industries, as well as the information they would be likely to consume from a vendor like Opkalla. We built a comprehensive LinkedIn strategy, lead content sessions with Opkalla's sales team, and built design templates to be used for a variety of posts and advertisements. In one month, we drove a nearly 400% increase in traffic to Opkalla's from LinkedIn. It continues to be the strongest referral domain to the website.