Customer Journey Mapping

The Side-Out Foundation has spent 10 years revolutionizing treatment for those with metastatic breast cancer. When COVID hit and their in-person events were stalled, they needed their website to better convey the amazing work they do and drive online engagement. (Note: This new website goes live Summer 2021.)


The Side-Out Foundation


Communicating a heavy message with hope

The Side-Out Foundation stands out among breast cancer research nonprofits not only because they focus on the most advanced stage of breast cancer but because they have built a brand through their DigPink volleyball events at high schools and colleges across the country.

"When volleyball seasons were cancelled, we needed to reach our audience in new ways."

Side-Out's brand has been built on DigPink - which is powerful, but also challenging, because they want everyone, not just volleyball players, to learn and advocate for those with Stage IV breast cancer. Through a process of interviewing the nonprofit's advocates, staff and target audience, we refined the brand messaging throughout their website and worked with a designer to refresh the look and feel of the site. While volleyball will always be a huge part of the Foundation's efforts, we wanted people landing on the website to more quickly understand who Side-Out supports, how and why.

"We have a small but incredible team - we need to figure out where they should focus their efforts to build lifelong advocates."

Customer Journey Mapping is a critical process for companies and no less for non-profits. Just like customer retention can boost a SaaS company's profitability as much as new customers, Side-Out knew that if they could retain participants and turn them into dedicated supporters of metastatic breast cancer research, they can have a broader, longer impact. We worked together to map out the existing touch points at each stage of their audience's journey and craft an ideal journey that will build a community of lifelong advocates. We also determined the messaging, tools and metrics needed at each stage to support the ideal journey. Finally, we built a prioritized checklist for their team to get started with implementation.